What’s New in Primavera P6 Professional Version 22.12?

Oracle released the latest version of P6 at the end of 2022: primavera p6 professional Aurora, USA 22.12. Despite the fact that P6 is a seasoned product, these updates always manage to add a variety of new features. These new features give users more options for viewing and managing project schedules.

Let’s look at some of the new features in Primavera P6 22.12. Because there were so many new features, this article will categorize them by process type. We’ll start with improvements to viewing and analyzing project data. Then, we’ll go over the new project data editing capabilities. Finally, we will examine the numerous improvements made to the import/export process.

Enhancements to Project Data Viewing and Analysis

Analyzing performance throughout the project is critical for CPM schedulers. It is critical to monitor project data to ensure that the schedule is completed on time and within budget. Primavera P6 Professional 22.12 includes a slew of new features for analyzing and viewing your schedule.

View Projects in conjunction with an Additional Activities Page

The ability to compare projects side by side is one of the most significant changes to the program. When you open a project in P6, you’ll notice a new option in the Projects menu called Additional Activities View. This option will launch a second Activities screen, which can be positioned alongside the original Activities screen. Both of these pages will show information for all active projects. You can use different layouts to display different project data on each screen. This enables you to view multiple views of the same project at the same time.

Assume I want to see both my critical path and my entire schedule at the same time. To view only critical activities, I can enable a Critical filter in one of the Activities windows.

Improvements to Project Data Adjustment

The ways you can adjust project data in Primavera P6 22.12 have changed significantly. These improvements make it easier not only to add data to the schedule, but also to keep this data organized.

Copy and paste a range of cells to be used as a resource

You can now copy and paste values from a range of cells when working with spreadsheets in P6. This is applicable to the Resource Usage Spreadsheet as well as the Resource Assignments page. You can track the planned and actual units and costs for assigned resources on these pages. You can also use future bucket planning to assign units and costs on these pages.

You can select and copy multiple cells within a spreadsheet row by copying a range of cells. You can also copy these values, and they will be pasted within the selected row. To copy a range of cells, select them, right-click, and then choose Copy Range. Shift+Ctrl+C is the keyboard shortcut for Copy Range. 

Options for Modifying OBS Assignments When Copying Projects

When projects are moved between EPS layers, you can now choose what to do with OBS assignments in P6 22.12. You can assign a responsible manager to projects and EPS layers using the OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure). The OBS controls who has access to the project data. When you create a new project or an EPS layer, the OBS will prompt you to assign a responsible manager. This way, you can specify who can open and work on the project.

In previous versions of P6, the project’s responsible manager would remain even if the project was moved to a new EPS layer. Because the EPS layer may have a different responsible manager, this could cause some confusion. Project managers may believe that moving the project will change who can see it, but this was not the case.

Users can now specify how they want these OBS assignments handled. You can now choose what to do with the assigned responsible manager in the User Preferences tab. You can either keep the project’s responsible manager or assign the responsible manager from the new EPS layer.

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